My Cars

I’m up to seven again. It’s a sickness. 

My house sometimes looks like this. I miss that Banana.

And my garage sometimes looks like this.

Here’s the whole collection one by one:

Cucumber, a '58 444. Photo by R. Conaty

Cucumber, a ’58 444. Photo by R. Conaty. Sold May 2015 to my friend Steve.

Here’s a fun pic of ‘cumber with the new shoes.

Police Station the (parts) Car, a ’61 122S with Swedish instrumentation. Now rotting in the woods and occasionally giving parts for good causes..

Helmer, a '66 1800S

Helmer, a ’66 1800S

Sadie, a ’67 122S Combi. Owned since 1997.

Here’s some history on Sadie.

DC, a 1969 145. 255k. Acquired Feb 2015.

Handsome Boy, a 1969 145. 255k. Acquired Feb 2015. Traded to Jesse for a ’92 240 wagon and cash.

Granny, a ’70 142S

Granny was my daily winter driver. R.I.P.

'78 242GT

’78 242GT

Great California body. Had a hell of a patina. Now painted. Received a temporary shakedown motor to hold it over until I feel like finishing up this one.

Hedwig, a '92 245

Hedwig, a ’92 245. Sold to Mike Sam and Lynn.

Mouse Ellis, an '84 SAAB 900 Turbo

Mouse Ellis, an ’84 SAAB 900 Turbo. Sold to Zack. Then bought back in August ’16

the Luxury Pod, a ’04 SAAB 9-5 Arc Wagon


A 69.5 Citroen DS21. Yeah I’ve lost my mind.


Ug, a 1992 240 Wagon Hot Rod. Sold to Uncle. Nice car!

Milou, a ’93 240. The smooth and quiet daily driver.

  1. Hey! Just keeping in touch. Did you get a chance to get the spare tire weighed? My husband said that we have the steel wheel If you wanted to you could just send the tire only but What ever is convenit for you. Oh! and he also said he would gladly buy you a six-pack. lol
    We will have to see how much it cost to ship it and we’ll be glad to pay you something.
    I like Cumber’s first set of tires. But I like my cars in Original as possible as I can Make them. Helmer’s my favorite. out of the bunch. Boy I’d love to drive it.

    • Oh I love the new shoes on ‘Cumber. They were originally equipped with whitewalls as an option believe it or not- It’s in the sales literature. The great thing is that the nearly new Michelin XZXs that were on there went on my 122 wagon where they were sorely needed.

  2. You have a really nice site here. Do you still have Police Station, the Swedish parts car? I would like to buy a few parts.

    • Thank you sir. Indeed Police Station is still available. I took some stuff off it already but not much. There’s also a red ’61 in the same yard (Uncle Stephen’s Farm) with a B16.What are you looking for?

    • Les
    • January 17th, 2012

    Nice site. I am building a 67 220 and I require both front grilles are you selling any that only require polishing?

    • Hi Les

      I have a pair coming off my ’67 wagon above as well as a ~’64-65 style set off my parts car. Both are intact and not too bent. My wagon is getting some very early style that I just restored.

      Make me an offer!


    • Colin
    • December 23rd, 2012


    If there are parts left on the Police Station or the other ’61, I’m looking for a few for my ’61 project. Please let me know. I can give you a short list of items. Thanks!

    • Keith Williams
    • May 31st, 2013

    I am interested in Cucumber. Drove a 444 1961-66. Great memories. Have one that I brought back from the edge of the grave several years ago. Engine was locked up and I used a B20 from a 142 and running gear from a B18 544. Would like to get back to something more original. If the car is still for sale would like to learn the “backstory” for it.

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