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June Show/Cruise Fun

Well a few of us Rollin’ Quahogs made it to the Portsmouth Abbey show this year. They have a Volvo class now so it’s important to have a good showing. The weather was beautiful and I think we had seven or eight Volvos over the day. Strangely no SAABs showed up at all, but there were quite a few Brits and even a Citroen DS21. Here are a few snaps.

The lineup...

...and from the other side. Everyone looked great. There were some exceptional 1800 models. Don T came down from the Cape with his Jensen.

Cameo of 'cumber and a beautiful E, with Paul & Mary's 122S as backdrop.

His SQUASH plate has inspired me to go ahead and get the CUCMBR plate for my ’58, even though folks have come to call it Pickle. Imagine how nice it would have been to have CUCMBR and SQUASH parked together.

Here’s the ProJo article, which held a surprise.

I don’t know how my fiancee Jen saw it, but if you look really closely at the bottom left pic, there’s Cucumber!

Middle right.

Dave F and I made it to A&W this past Tuesday as well. It was a gorgeous night, and we even made it in to the Cruisin’ Bruce website: