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December 1977

I adjusted the valves and made some other improvements to the GT last weekend and the car is better than ever. To celebrate, here’s an article from Tim’s collection:  


We determined that mine has a K cam. And it seems to pull like a B23. The shakedown motor turned out to be a gem.  

What is your favorite letter in the alphabet?


A polished tailpipe and new turbo muffler tops it off. IPD Sport Exhaust lives on.


How the heck did this get cracked? All better now.



Floating in the ether

Ebrake work on the 145. And some welding.  


Weekend Fun

Cars and Coffee at Larz Anderson on Saturday then all-day Volvo fun and camping through Sunday. My idea of a perfect weekend.

minky likes the exotics


hanging in my old car, Zack’s new car


M helping with horn installation


and with quad round swap


classic camping

not sure how it ran with the wrong cap and bad wires


eggs florentine and sweet potatoes for breakfast


Carrie inspecting her new acquisition


was in desperate need of a new hatch and wiring


and some welding on the strut anchor


and other odds and ends


mmmmm beer


bedliner coat #3


the 145 got trim rings polished too





new acquisition ready for action


Look who’s out

After a long winter my 1800 is finally out of storage. I always forget how pretty it is.   

hi there

 Looking forward to concentrating on this and the GT now that my C900 and 444 are going