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Sadie’s Ready for Winter

Better late than never but I finally got a Fluid Film sprayer and gave her underpinnings a good coat.



Nice to have some winter backup for the 900. And of course the heat is fantastic.


The mighty gang ground

Of the rusty Volvo 164:



Pulled this control arm off my friend Frank’s ’92 240 the other day:


It’s the most rust I’ve ever seen on one of these. Just look at it:


One good bump away from a very sad time.

Don’t laugh it works

Did you know that the bumper “hold down plates” or whatever you call them (the brackets used to secure the car while shipping) on a 122 make a perfect bumper bracket when your old one rots right off your car? Neither did I, but despiration is the mother of invention.

Obligatory Disclaimer: WARNING- do not try this at home with your own crusty piece of crap.

So sad

Not a great shot but here’s the rusty wreckage

The parts. Note scribed line. The bigger one needed to be pounded flat, and it’s one tough piece!

A little torching, a little grinding. Perfect!

A little welding, a little POR-15. Almost pretty.

Frame from spare tire well. Don’t ask how I measured. The truth is horrifying.

All done! Note the shortened side bracket. This setup offsets the bumper alignment slightly but after shortening the side bracket it lined up better than ever.

Ok I’m not exactly proud of this repair but it works perfectly, cost nothing, and is super-strong.

Granny Gets The Needle

Very sad, but good ol’ Granny, my ’70 142S, has been given the needle. Her decent outward appearance belies extensive and terminal subframe rot on the front driver’s side. I’m interested in keeping the nice 60k B20 for my 1800 so I decided to part her out COMPLETELY. So, lots of 142 parts for sale!

What my neighbors had to look at.

Perfect dash going to my friend Matt in Tucson.


Lots of curious looks from passers-by as the stripping goes on.

Inner workings. Inner not-workings?

Not a great shot but this is just the tip of the iceberg with the rot. It was progressing from both sides and converging on the crossmember mount.

This quarter was both rotted and had a few layers of klugey body work. The rockers were also gonzo on both sides.

Getting near the end. In the driveway for the engine pull. Then wheels and rotors and away she goes!

A few of the parts are spoken for (dash, headliner, rubber mats, door trim, ign switch), but the rest are for sale. The red interior is in really nice shape. Brake rotors were new when I got her five years ago. The gas tank is perfect and the heater fan works great. Doors and front fenders are salvageable. It warms my heart to think that they will all live on in a less rusty specimen.


Some Progress

It’s a bit of a pain to do bodywork out in my unheated garage but with a little lead time I can get it up to about 50 using a small ceramic heater and a Kerosun. I’ve been able to make a fair amount of progress on the driver’s side.

It's good to have a floor again.

All in all I’ve done a lot less welding that I initially thought I would. The rot was so bad that I couldn’t even really cut it back far enough to provide an anchor consistently solid enough for welding. If I had I would have lost the form completely- and this isn’t really a restoration so I can’t justify endless time on fabrication. I ended up riveting in panels pre-coated with POR-15 and sealing everything with fiberglass-reinforced waterproof body filler. I then used POR-15 Chassis Black as a topcoat. While the repairs are nothing I’m proud of I do think they will last a long time.

From below- still need to do some work around the transmission tunnel.

Awaiting undercoating...

Hooray! No more water under my back seat!

Still need to fix and install the mud flap bracket but this is looking so much better. Saving the external finish bodywork for last.

Sadie is One Rotten Girl

Taking next week off to tackle the floor. From the Patch Blue Ribbon entry you can see I’ve already chopped a lot out and started making patch templates, but here are a couple of shots of the original damage. See below how much rot she really has.

The pics below show her just about as chopped back as I dare to go. This is going to be a pop rivet, weld, and POR 15 cloth job. I just need her to last another ten years. Ha.