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GT Shots

Haven’t blogged in a while. Oh, well. I have been enjoying my cars lately, however. The GT in particular. Here are a few shots out in North Truro. I just put an R-Sport cluster in it last weekend. I’ll do a post on that soon.

Eager. Needs some grille work.

A fine specimen. If only the paint lasted on these.

The virgos work well. I have the original GT wheels but they are pretty rough.

Note Rebel Alliance emblem. That’s for my son’s benefit.

I put some new strut braces in as well. Cost about the same as re-plating the originals. If I could find them. : (

They really seem to help.

Here’s a shot from Swedish Car Day 2012. First time for the GT.

I had a few to choose from. I think I had 11 in total, with one set on Hedwig. The ones I picked out for the GT ended up being nice and straight.

What a difference a good scrub makes. I ended up giving them a nice new coat. And some new style center caps- not enough original style ones lying around.

The 250k shakedown motor is still running strong with lots of power. I don’t know if I’ll ever put my rebuilt B21 in!