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So happy together



The Spirit of Granny Runs On!

Fired up the motor yesterday.  Made sure to put in some Lucas break-in lube with zinc for the flat tappets. Ran it at 2100 rpm for about a half hour to break the cam in. Sounds good. Runs better every minute it runs as the engine wears in its tight parts.

Took it around the neighborhood a couple of times. Runs great!

Yeah I drove it around with no hood. I'm that guy.

Yeah I drove it around with no hood. I’m that guy.

Tranny Time


The M41 cleaned up pretty well and it wasn’t as much work as I thought. Getting it in the car is another matter.

I haven’t ever done a clutch in an 1800 before. I’ve done a few Amazons and 240s. And many Japanese cars. It quickly became apparent that the geometry was wrong to get the tranny in with the bell housing on. Luckily the bell comes off with four hex bolts.


The M41 looks pretty svelte with no bell:


And it slipped in right through the release bearing and disc very easily.


Action on the clutch fork is perfect. On to the rest.

Addendum- My friend Dave down in TN sent me a pic of his secret weapon for this job:

It’s a 3/8 hex with a wobble head welded to a 3/8 driver. He says this with a 12″ extension is the kit to have. I had a standard hex on a long wobble extension that worked ok, but it was really tight. I’m going to make a setup like this for next time.

And then there was no shifting

I hopped in my ’92 240 after running an errand yesterday afternoon (ok I was getting beer) and went to shift into Drive and felt a curious looseness that could only mean one thing: my shift linkage rod broke.


Aww, snap. Literally.

I turned the car off, crept underneath, and put the lever on the side of the transmission in drive. I then hopped back in, put my foot on the brake, and started her up. Back in business! Well, enough to get home anyway. Good thing the neutral safety switch is on the shifter and not the transmission.

So this morning the shift rod came out. Quite a rusty mess. Here’s the front:


I had some fears that this wouldn't come apart very easily but it wasn't too bad.

After a good cleaning on the wire wheel it was clear that I could fix it pretty easily by welding a washer to the end of the rod:


Nifty fit



That was slick. Now for paint:


Much better

By some miracle I happened to have some linkage bushings pn 666143. I think they might be the same for SU carb linkage. Anyway,  in they went and the shifter feels better than ever!



Perfect crank position sensor pliers


As an addendum to my Reliability Kit post, I did another CPS and these pliers are perfect for removing the old one.

A going away gift


Thanks folks!

I stop fast

Found on the back of a 140 my friends Kathie and Tom acquired.