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ODV Garage These Days

So this pic was taken a few weeks ago but it may as well have been today considering the Swedish weather we’ve been having lately. It does show some recent improvements to the ODV Garage interior including paint and lighting.

Ry with his vintage Narragansett can

Ry with his vintage Narragansett can

Spring is only months away.


The Spirit of Granny V

Well I got the block and head back from the machine shop. With the holidays it took longer than expected so I wasn’t able to take advantage of my vacation time to put it all back together. That’s ok though because my vacation was excellent.

Fresh from its sanitary sheath

Fresh from its sanitary sheath

The guys at Motor Tech in New Bedford did a great job for a very reasonable price. The work included:

  • Hot tank and wash block & head, clear passages
  • Install cam bearings and freeze plugs, hone cylinders
  • Rebuild head with hardened seats and new guides

Everything came back super-clean. I’m very impressed with Motor Tech.

On the stand

On the stand

I hit the block with Brakleen and then some pure spirits to prep for paint.

Beautiful bores

Beautiful bores

I was originally going to hone it myself but once I decided to have them do the cam bearings it was a no-brainer to have them do the cleaning, hone, and freeze plugs.

Freeze plugs lined up

Freeze plugs lined up

I’m not fond of installing freeze plugs. These guys didn’t mind. They even perfectly lined up the 45mm stamps! Ended up using IPD plugs but I think they will hold up under non-race conditions.

Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade. PBR…We Know What HEADACHE Means. Just kidding. I love PBR.

I wrestled with different painting ideas but settled on using the 12-year old POR-15 engine paint I had lying around on my shelf. I can’t even remember what shade of red it’s supposed to be, but I like it. I used real Swedish Motor Farg from Olof on the B21 a few years back. Thick and stinky and undoubtedly effective, but a slightly lighter shade and a more matte finish than this POR. Because of its thickness it didn’t go as far.

Head came primed

Starting on the head

The head came primed so it took the paint really well. A lot of fun to do using a 1″ chip brush.

Very pretty

Very pretty. That dart board is set low for the Minkanic.

Like I said not exactly Volvo motor farg, but happy and red. With any luck the paint will hold and it won’t end up looking like this alarm box I spied the other day:

Crinkle finish unintended

Crinkle finish unintended

Easy with a brush

Easy brushing. Very satisfying.

Brush marks smoothed right out

Brush marks smoothed right out. Block needed two coats.

Standards have been raised now for anything I bolt on

Standards have been raised now for anything I bolt on. Bores safely oiled.

Next steps are to test fit and plastigauge all of the bearing clearances and then begin assembly in earnest. Lots of painting and detailing too. She’s going to be pretty!