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Granny Gets The Needle

Very sad, but good ol’ Granny, my ’70 142S, has been given the needle. Her decent outward appearance belies extensive and terminal subframe rot on the front driver’s side. I’m interested in keeping the nice 60k B20 for my 1800 so I decided to part her out COMPLETELY. So, lots of 142 parts for sale!

What my neighbors had to look at.

Perfect dash going to my friend Matt in Tucson.


Lots of curious looks from passers-by as the stripping goes on.

Inner workings. Inner not-workings?

Not a great shot but this is just the tip of the iceberg with the rot. It was progressing from both sides and converging on the crossmember mount.

This quarter was both rotted and had a few layers of klugey body work. The rockers were also gonzo on both sides.

Getting near the end. In the driveway for the engine pull. Then wheels and rotors and away she goes!

A few of the parts are spoken for (dash, headliner, rubber mats, door trim, ign switch), but the rest are for sale. The red interior is in really nice shape. Brake rotors were new when I got her five years ago. The gas tank is perfect and the heater fan works great. Doors and front fenders are salvageable. It warms my heart to think that they will all live on in a less rusty specimen.