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One of these cars is not like the others

hit the Portsmouth Abbey show this morning. Intermittent showers kept most folks away but some cool cars showed up.  

all so round except

1800 Door Gaskets and Window Channels

Got my door gaskets and window channels done:

A busy space


On a towel at the kitchen table is an ideal workplace.


Before cutting the slot


Soapy water saved the day


Had to cut my own slot for this piece to go through. X-Acto 111 is my friend.


Before trimming


After trimming




Noting where the dum-dum is from the factory


A pretty non-scientific removal method

Removal and installation position


These got new channels. Theres a slight bend in it that you have to emulate with the new material.


Tools of the trade. Mostly used the blue one but the yellow hook was good for the front lower door where space us tight.

The gaskets fit into a channel and came around 3″ too long, trim to fit


Had to do a little rust work. That provided a nice clean channel to work with.

Rust work underway