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A New Adventure 

Last post I shared the news that I had done the unthinkable- bought a French car. Not just any French car, a 69.5 Citroen DS21. And in spite of appearances it does run and drive.  And best yet- the fellow Paul who I bought it from found it in a barn!


Somewhere in New Hampshire


Just a little bat guano

Looking tall in a high suspension setting

My friend Peter has one that he’s been working on since I’ve known him and I’ve always been fascinated by it. Everything is controlled through a centralized hydraulic system. No springs or shocks- pressurized spheres provide cushion for the adjustable olio pneumatic suspension.

 It needs full restoration. Lots of rust to contend with.  Wiring issues galore under the hood.

Beyond the complete lack of trunk, note the buckled side panels from being rear-ended. 


Time to strip it down and see what we have. the answer: lots of rust.

First big push with the new porta-power.

A very gratifying Sunday evening activity.

Moving to the sides to push. One side was a little more stuffed in.

Here’s the other side. With the ram and some hammer tapping it’s beginning to look pretty good.

Turns out that the top on this side was crunched in as well.

There, much better.

I just ordered a bunch of repair panels and picked up some sheet metal fabrication equipment so stay tuned for some reconstruction.