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Volvo 328

Tim just bought another 164. 164 * 2 = 328

Howdy Friend

Howdy Friend


240 Stripping

When I was on sabbatical in 2013 my nice bicycling wife put a number of my ODV cards on random Volvos. Two years later I received an email from Christy, who I had never met. 

 Sadly a tree had fallen on her poor Bertha   The damage was extensive

  But it had good qualities

And being registered and insured, I bought it and drove it home  

 Tim in the chase car liked the way it cornered 

 Buzzing down I-195 

 into her last sunset  Didn’t even get pulled over!
  The view from Camp GT  Jesse claimed the tailgate shade
  Wife Jenny was impressed
  Even came with meaty snows  
  And artistic window transmissions  And a lovely cloth interior
  We found this baby inside (jk)  It wasn’t too long before it was missing pieces
  And scavengers came around for the “pull the plug” party complete with champagne   After which the stripping began in earnest 
  Pulling of seats  Pilfering of gas (full tank)
  And washer fluid. No waste!  Uncle got a nifty ticket holder
  Then I went on vacation in North Truro. Sunset over Ptown  Ahhhhhh, nice.   Soon Mike and I were back at it
  And with Uncle we decided to drop the motor and tranny out by the subframe  Going
  Going  Gone
  Get over here  Miller Time
  Emptiness   A good night
  Mike got the whole driveline for various projects   What’s next?
  Not a lot left
  Maybe some interior bits  Fun
  Even The Minky got in on it  With some persuading the lights come free
  And the loot pile grew  we found more small stuff to pull
  And Minky got to use the plasma cutter on the two junk doors  Then the time came for her to go
  Blocks and dollies to the rescue   Ready
  Roll her down   Up
  Strap her down  And away she went
  And gone. Nice to have my driveway back. Time to sort the loot.  Bins and bins and more. All in all I made my money back and many friends’ 240s benefitted. Maybe this will become a yearly tradition.