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Volvo and the Female Form?

Or thinly veiled Volvo Porn? You decide, because even though the traditional Volvo body styles haven’t exuded female┬ásensuality, their ads certainly have.

One of my favorites.

Not sure where this was used but…

Yes that is a pink 1800ES

She’s got herself a stalker.

Dude looks like PeeWee Herman’s uncle.



And last but not least…


The Minkanic

My son’s nickname is Minky. Long story. These are from a few years ago when he was about three and a half. His enthusiasm for cars, like his excitement over vacuum cleaners, has waned a little but we’ll see if he’s helpful around the garage this Spring.

Helping with the 1800S.

A helpful monkey.

Working on PlaidBanana

He finds the 1" spanner very useful for Volvo oil changes.

Timing (gear) is Everything

I took a few pics of Granny’s timing gear replacement a couple of years ago but never posted them. Although this could be as boring as say, um, the posts about washing my cars in the winter… some of them might be funny or helpful so here they are.

Yes, there are supposed to be teeth on that big cog right there. This is what happens when it goes at highway speeds.

The funny part is that unlike others I’ve dealt with, this one made no noises before it went. The one on my 142E complained for weeks. It was like a valve train racket but was most audible through the distributor using a┬ástethoscope.

A closer look

The Culprit, a clogged timing gear oiler:

That tiny hole at the shaft base was plugged. Carb clean and tag wire are my friends.

Here’s one of the gear. Magnificently stripped! I should have dropped the pan to get all of the teeth out but I was too lazy. A few pieces continue to clatter into the drain pan during each oil change. It was risky leaving all that debris in there but in this case I was lucky.


The lower gear on this one gave me a lot of trouble. Several others I’ve done came off fairly easily but not this one. First I used this steering wheel puller then a small two-jaw behind the gear after it was out a bit because the sway bar was in the way.


I did the water pump and heater hoses at the same time. The pipes needed a lot of work.

Fresh from the wire wheel, brake cleaned and ready for coating.

Lots of pitting but with a coat of POR-15 it should be fine.

The prices for fiber gears were close to steel at that particular time so I went with steel. It was noisy at first. Pretty annoying actually. But over the years it wore in and while it is still louder than fiber, it’s acceptable for a daily driver.

Stahl nockenwellenrad.

Installed. Don't forget the oiler!

The crank seal in the timing cover was comically gonzo.

Seal? What seal?

I never took pics of the finished job, all painted and pretty, but here it is two or three years later:

Not too bad after two winters. Need to do something different with that fuel filter.