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Meet Hedwig and other things

Well spring is finally here in Olddeadvolvoland. Truth be told I’m doing a lot more work on British machinery than Volvos lately. My antique Raleigh bicycles and friend Ryan’s MG are keeping me busy. The bikes have been fun to work on over the winter- nice and comfortable in my warm livingroom, which now looks like a bicycle shop.

Anyway, with Granny’s passing last fall I decided to go a little more modern and picked up a ’92 240 wagon now known as Hedwig (my son the minkanic’s choice). Working AC, charcoal interior: $1,400. All I’ve done are snow tires and rear shocks.

I also re-blackened the plastic trim

She had brand new tires up front and a fresh synthetic oil change. Sweet! Many thanks to the previous owners for taking such good care of her.

No real rust to speak of

Nice meaty Firestone snows. Which I fortunately didn't need this past winter

I don’t think the GT is going on the roar this year so I might grab the Virgos off it for this car over the summer.

Here's to British-Swedish relations

I am certainly not going to switch to British cars any time soon but I think this glass is pretty neat. Besides, my 1800 is pretty British. I’ve been told by a few folks that the interior smells like that of a British car. And ahh, the joy of Smiths gauges. Currently only the gas gauge works.

Ryan looks creepy

I’d like to have the tach converted to a modern non-inductive unit. $$$. Some day.

the lineup

Still fun to drive, though. Here it is over Ryan’s house in North Providence.

a fine machine

Ryan’s Spridget is fun. He snapped an axle the first time he drove it- I guess that’s pretty common in these things. It needs a little ignition work now but it’s otherwise pretty squared away.

see you around town!

In other news my friend Sue finally found a new home for her Amazon. I helped her get it started and the fellow drove it all the way back to Jamestown. That will make a cool project.