GT Engine, in at last.

Well I finally got a chance to drop the shakedown motor in the GT. It’s a ~250k B21 from a ’79 wagon. I cleaned it up a bit last fall and it sat in my driveway wrapped in plastic for almost a year. No worse for the sitting, I dropped it in and just need to hook up wires, lines, and hoses.

Ready to go in

In it went!

The car is a ’78 242 GT from California. The body has tiny bits of rust here and there but is in great shape overall.

A fine specimen

I threw some 142E steel wheels on it just to roll around. The brakes are actually in very good shape considering how long it sat. I’m going to try and drive it to clean them up.

The interior is in fantastic shape!

It is really all there- even all of the trunk inside trim and mini-spare.

Parts storage

Looking forward to driving it this fall. Well- I at least want to be able to move it around and keep it out of the way.

The shakedown motor will have to do until I finish the one I’m rebuilding. The new unit will at least have megasquirt- maybe a turbo if I feel ambitious.

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