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Sadie is One Rotten Girl

Taking next week off to tackle the floor. From the Patch Blue Ribbon entry you can see I’ve already chopped a lot out and started making patch templates, but here are a couple of shots of the original damage. See below how much rot she really has.

The pics below show her just about as chopped back as I dare to go. This is going to be a pop rivet, weld, and POR 15 cloth job. I just need her to last another ten years. Ha.


Built Flint Tough

Ok, not about Volvos but the ‘Burban this is on is Dead.

2009-10-11 14.55.05

I also thought this was pretty special:

New Storage

I finally for some external storage for the nicest members of the fleet. Both the 444 and the 1800 fit nose-to-nose in a 10 x 30 in nearby Pawtucket.

2009-09-27 13.27.18

Just so happy to have my home garage back.
Blurry Minky. Clutching his head?

Police Station (the car)

’61 122S from Norway (Swedish instrumentation!) Could use a motor. This spring.

Patch Blue Ribbon

Using cardboard for patch templates. Wish it could stay this way.

2009-10-03 15.02.55

Hope Nut

Behind the grease cap lies an unexpected treat.

2009-09-06 13.30.04

Lo and behold Hope’s anchor, the symbol of Rogue’s Island.