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GT Postcards

Well driving the now completely roadworthy GT around for a week now has been very exciting. It’s been an age since I’ve driven anything more technologically advanced than a 140 series on a regular basis and this 242 is a lot of fun. Power steering! Definitely need it with that tiny GT wheel. And relatively speaking the thing goes like hell.

So to celebrate here are a couple of period advertising postcard images. There are a few more in the series and I think they’re equally hilarious.

Nice outfits. Complete with CB antenna.

Is that Borat? What sort of odd re-enactment are they up to?

The back. Its a performance car. Really.


GT Out and About

A nice day so off I went after shimming out the PS pump and fitting the air intake, complete with K & N air filter. The highway ride went well except that the OD relay isn’t doing its job. I’ll figure that out this week.


I put five gallons of premium a couple weeks ago but I wanted to top it off so we went for our first gas station run.

Filling up at Davol Square.

That GT has come a long way since it was sitting at Jake the Elder’s house for three years. After the dropping in of the shakedown motor last fall it was heading in the right direction, but now all the bother is paying off. It had been a little in the way since the elite pick-up team (my son the Minkanic and friend Jon) picked it up last June:


Hotrod 'burban owner and Volvo hauler Jon

Next up: reliability runs and bug fixes…

Cucumber is Famous!

Well, sort of. Keen-eyed Jake the Younger of the Rollin’ Quahogs of RI spotted this in the May Hemmings Motor News:

In great Quahog company with Paul & Mary’s 122, The Oberg’s Duett, and Kathie and Tom’s Britta.

Primitive Man Tightens Strut

I saw Uncle Stephen tightening his strut cap and had to snap a pic. Priceless.

Banana is Sold, But the GT Lives!

Well the day finally had to come. Being that I have far too many cars for my own good, I decided last Fall to sell Banana, my ’72 142E, to my friend Dave. He didn’t have room for it until the Spring but the day came last weekend and I brought it over for him to take possession. Although I’m sad to see it go, I’m happy to know that he will lavish care and give it the attention it deserves. It’s a very positive development because now I can put more time and $$ into my GT, which I finally got fired up last Thursday after several years of sitting. Still working out some bugs but at this rate I’ll be driving it before the end of April.

One particularly cool thing is that Dave paid for Banana with a combination of $$ and nifty Volvo parts, one of which is this GT cluster that he restored:


That’s going to look really good in there. Thanks, Dave!

Over the weekend I backed the car out of the garage for a wash. It was strange to be in it moving under its own power. It hadn’t been washed in maybe five years. You could almost feel the car smiling.

So clean

The finish is pretty worn but I’m going to hold off painting it for a while. The patina with the original stripes actually looks pretty cool. It certainly looks better since I took the trailer hitch off. And the Virgo rims help too.

In the fresh air

The shakedown motor came our pretty clean and I replaced the wiring harness so that’s all happy. A new alternator was in order as well. I decided to go with an electric fan because I just hate the stock fan shroud. Totally in the way.

Clean. Just needs some detailing.

Sadly the radiator in spite of looking good leaked like a sieve. Just got a new one today and wired the fan up. I’m going to pop it in when the fan mounting kit comes in tomorrow.

More pretty.

The final obvious bug was the power steering pump. It pumped ok (the rack is good, hooray!) but the pulley was warped and it made funny (actually tragic) noises. I had a decent looking spare on the shelf so a little cleaning and painting later and it’s set to go in.

It's going to be weird to have a vehicle with power steering.

That will go in tomorrow, nested snugly in an AC-Delete bracket.

More to come…