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Granny’s Winter Wash

Well it got above 40 today so I couldn’t stop myself from giving good old Gran-o a bath. Who knows what good it will do but what the heck- flushing a ton of nastiness out of the wheelwells felt just grand.

Maybe she’ll get a nice vacuum tomorrow too. And an oil change. She deserves it.

Granny's shapely fanny.


Ancient History: Sadie’s Original Rust-o-Ration

Well it’s been almost twelve years now since I bought my beloved 122S Estate. Here are some pics and commentary from the fix-up. It wasn’t really a restoration- I was planning on moving to a transitional neighborhood in Providence and she was slated as a daily driver. It’s funny, though. I’ve been here in Washington Park for the last eleven years and it hasn’t really changed much. Cool neighborhood but so much for the transitional part. Anyway, here’s a trip down memory lane with the aid of a scanner:

Nothing like a project.

I don't know WHY my landlord had doubts about me finishing.

Front end rebuild. Rust work.

Interior as found.

Coming apart! Tools of the trade: hammer, PB Blaster... I thing I still have that same Corona box.

Old filthy momo.

Momo getting cleaner...

Much better!

Rain, rain. go away. I'm trying to work here.

She had lots of rot. Originally from the southwest, but had been in New England too long.

Here's the total damage- back there anyway.

A little fiberglass cloth, a little POR-15.

Progress! Waterproof short-strand fiberglass filler to the rescue.

The parts car was very helpful. It supplied excellent black door panels and rear seat, front doors, glass fenders, and lots else.

Here's one of a younger me cleaning up the back seats.

Here it is, almost ready to go to the junkyard.

More rust. Typical.

Cut it out!

One of the fiberglass fenders needed a little patch job. Nice Yale sticker.

Time for doors. This was me 20 lbs and 10,000 beers ago. Note clown shoes.

Polish, polish. Much better!

Restored hat shelf and washer bracket. Oooooooh!

Plate bracket in progress.

Odds and ends for the paint shop. The original interior door tops were all dented.

Stripped! Almost ready to drive over.

Another view. Taillights came off in the shop parking lot.

First look out of the shop. Soooo smoooth.

Then it was time to put all of the trim and whatnot on. At this point I was still sorting through side trim looking for the best pieces.

DONE! And a faithful ride for over a decade.

Over the years she’s had quite a few improvements and repairs as you might imagine. One biggie was the installation of an M41 OD transmission courtesy of my friend Jake. Another was the replacement of ALMOST THE ENTIRE FLOOR (and brakes…calipers=ouch) last winter. Now you know why I did it. Too much history. Runs like a champ. Here she is now:

Sadie, a '67 122S Combi

Old dead Volvos never die

A wonderful ODV discovery:

Quick seatbelt mounting snap

Not a great one, but it does confirm the mounting position for DK144 on the Brickboard. More to come!

Love the fact that the 1800 is sitting there in the background. Click to expand.

Revision: Looking to sell three MSW wheels

So, a while back I posted here and on the Brickboard that I was looking for a 4th wheel to mach these three. I’ve since come into two sets of Virgos so I no longer need them. All are in similar condition- they could use a lot of polishing and touching up. I do have centers for all. They are 15″ and pretty wide- I’d say at least 7″.

Bolt pattern is for 240/140/late 1800 etc. I noticed that on the 240 there is slight interference with the rear caliper counterweight. You’d only need to shave a little off the weight for a good fit. Two have almost new rubber but had been sitting on the ground for a while.

Looks rough but should clean up well

Markings are:




Make an offer. Pick up only- located in Providence, RI. My email is on the About page.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It’s that time of year and the snow is here. As is road salt, so the driving season is officially over for most of the old Volvos- but not for Granny!

Jen's whimsical rendition of her favorite Volvo

She valiantly soldiers on with her new vintage sound system and winter floor mats. Who says ancient Volvos need to go to sleep in wintertime? I’ll have Sadie the 122 wagon out as well if the roads are dry. Or if Granny craps out. I’m going to try and be easy on her after Micky-Mousing the floor back together last winter

Anyway, happy holidays everyone! Travel safe and enjoy the season. It will be Spring before you know it!

/yeah, right!

//here’s the real thing 1/12/2010: