A New Adventure 

Last post I shared the news that I had done the unthinkable- bought a French car. Not just any French car, a 69.5 Citroen DS21. And in spite of appearances it does run and drive.  And best yet- the fellow Paul who I bought it from found it in a barn!


Somewhere in New Hampshire


Just a little bat guano

Looking tall in a high suspension setting

My friend Peter has one that he’s been working on since I’ve known him and I’ve always been fascinated by it. Everything is controlled through a centralized hydraulic system. No springs or shocks- pressurized spheres provide cushion for the adjustable olio pneumatic suspension.

 It needs full restoration. Lots of rust to contend with.  Wiring issues galore under the hood.

Beyond the complete lack of trunk, note the buckled side panels from being rear-ended. 


Time to strip it down and see what we have. the answer: lots of rust.

First big push with the new porta-power.

A very gratifying Sunday evening activity.

Moving to the sides to push. One side was a little more stuffed in.

Here’s the other side. With the ram and some hammer tapping it’s beginning to look pretty good.

Turns out that the top on this side was crunched in as well.

There, much better.

I just ordered a bunch of repair panels and picked up some sheet metal fabrication equipment so stay tuned for some reconstruction.

    • Sam Sargeant (PV544s)
    • February 8th, 2016

    You poor deluded fool – this “car” will eat you alive. I watched my brother-in-law go through hell with a couple of 19s and a 21. I recommend a case of cognac – no, Pernot – to deaden the coming pain and frustration.

    • Alas, I did go into this with eyes wide open. Luckily I have two local DS gurus to lean on and plenty of reliable Volvos to carry me around when this one decides to be weird. Vive La France!

        • Sam
        • February 8th, 2016

        Sorry if I sounded a little harsh earlier but I wanted to have some fun. All car guys, myself included, are deluded. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you bring that gem back from the brink.

      • Well if things don’t work out I can always park it in the backyard and drink beer in it! It would sure be a lot scarier without Paul and Peter.

  1. Jim – the best of luck indeed. French – I won’t say good or bad – I’ll just say that French engineering is just plain different. You may have to relearn some assumptions!

    And a good drink may be imperative.

    • Indeed. I’m so lucky to have some local gurus. Paul has already provided me with a ton of resources and parts. I just make sure that I have plenty of beer around.

    • Jeff
    • February 9th, 2016

    What I would really want is that barn !

  2. Sir Jacques, You are quite mad indeed. But not in a bad way. You are the proud owner of The Most Interesting Car in the World. It looks like it was designed by Martians. The engineering features are also other-worldly. I hope you have fun with this bizarre French rocketship. See you soon, Bro.
    Yours Truly,

  3. Congratulations, Sir Jacques. You are now the proud owner of The Most Interesting Car in the World. We used to call this car “the shark”, though it looked more like a spaceship to me. It’s bizarre design is exceeded by it’s bizarre engineering features. I absolutely love these cars. See you soon Bro.
    Yr friend,

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