Weekend Fun

Cars and Coffee at Larz Anderson on Saturday then all-day Volvo fun and camping through Sunday. My idea of a perfect weekend.

minky likes the exotics


hanging in my old car, Zack’s new car


M helping with horn installation


and with quad round swap


classic camping

not sure how it ran with the wrong cap and bad wires


eggs florentine and sweet potatoes for breakfast


Carrie inspecting her new acquisition


was in desperate need of a new hatch and wiring


and some welding on the strut anchor


and other odds and ends


mmmmm beer


bedliner coat #3


the 145 got trim rings polished too





new acquisition ready for action



Look who’s out

After a long winter my 1800 is finally out of storage. I always forget how pretty it is.   

hi there

 Looking forward to concentrating on this and the GT now that my C900 and 444 are going 

The Minkanic Strikes Again

Last Friday and Saturday were nice here in Rhode Island so the Minkanic did a few projects on the ’69 145.  


 Cleaning and painting the B20 valve cover and oil cap was a good activity.  


 Came out great! He says that he wants the 145 for his first car. We will see.  

And the GT is Out

So nice to drive a tight, squared away machine after the long winter.  



The Minkanic is Back

When my son the Minkanic was two or three he used to come help me work on the old Volvos but since then he hasn’t shown much interest…until this past Saturday!

 All of a sudden he put on some work clothes and wanted to help so I let him pull the leaky tappet cover off Cuke’s B-16.


That job done (with a little help from dad), he was ready for more so he helped Tim install early style centercaps on 14″ 240 slotted rims.

      It’s cool that they actually fit. Not a bad look for the 164.

Sunday came and it was time for a new job- cleaning 50+ years of gunk from Cuke’s front suspension in preparation for new control arm bushings.

     He didn’t like this job quite as much but he did enjoy some time in the driver’s seat. Next week maybe we’ll paint a rocker cover for my 145 and adjust the valves.

/photos by Tim & Jim

Uncle’s Holiday Card

I forgot to post this.  

Nice job Uncle Stephen! 

A little work on Cuke

After a bit of spring cleaning my home shop is fit for working on Cucumber, which (who?) is being sold in a month or so to my friend Steve.  

New plugs, tappet cover gasket, front lower control arm bushings and more before it (she?) goes. Steve doesn’t live too far away so we will work on things together as they come up. Practically in the family.