Guest post by Tim. 

Momentum is important, especially when attempting to resurrect an Old Dead Volvo. I capitalized on my newfound progress and identified the next set of tasks that I could accomplish with minimal assistance from those with The Knowledge.

2014-05-30 21.18.16

This was going to be fairly straightforward: reattach the drive shaft. Since The Burg’s drive shaft was AWOL, another bit of Bitey would make the transition.

2014-05-30 20.51.58

I felt quite proud of myself for tackling this relatively simple job. I had to repeat several steps because I didn’t think things through completely, but it felt good to have to rectify my own mistakes. First it was forgetting to position the back half of the drive shaft in the right place regarding the emergency brake cables, then it was forgetting to maneuver the rear of the drive shaft into into place before securing the front, and lastly it was trying to figure out why the holes weren’t lining up. As it turns out, they only line up one way, so Zo and I had to jack up one side of the rear axle so we could rotate everything by hand.

2014-05-30 20.51.37

In the end, I got the drive shaft (mostly) reattached, the speedometer cable hooked up, and most importantly kept the momentum going.

I’m also adding to my list of things I want to repair in the future, including the rubber donut that dampens drive shaft vibration. The donated one from Bitey was looking rather sad, and I hope this won’t come back to haunt me.


All photos courtesy of Timothy Wade.

  1. March 28th, 2015

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