Old Dead Volvos then and now

It has to have been ten years ago that I took most of the pictures of Jake’s old dead Volvo collection. He recently had them removed but we took a few pics just before he did.

Here’s a shot from so long ago:

in his natural environment, surveying the "Collection" with a beverage close by.

in his natural environment, surveying the “Collection” with a beverage close by.

Ten years later:

All gone now, but their parts still power Sadie and a few others.


Jake and Stephen at VCOA National 2009

Looks of awe.

I think Jake needs this car.

Amazing. Not posed.

Another funny shot.

Sadie is One Rotten Girl

Taking next week off to tackle the floor. From the Patch Blue Ribbon entry you can see I’ve already chopped a lot out and started making patch templates, but here are a couple of shots of the original damage. See below how much rot she really has.

The pics below show her just about as chopped back as I dare to go. This is going to be a pop rivet, weld, and POR 15 cloth job. I just need her to last another ten years. Ha.

Built Flint Tough

Ok, not about Volvos but the ‘Burban this is on is Dead.

2009-10-11 14.55.05

I also thought this was pretty special:

New Storage

I finally for some external storage for the nicest members of the fleet. Both the 444 and the 1800 fit nose-to-nose in a 10 x 30 in nearby Pawtucket.

2009-09-27 13.27.18

Just so happy to have my home garage back.
Blurry Minky. Clutching his head?

Police Station (the car)

’61 122S from Norway (Swedish instrumentation!) Could use a motor. This spring.

Patch Blue Ribbon

Using cardboard for patch templates. Wish it could stay this way.

2009-10-03 15.02.55