A clever trade

It eventually dawned on me that having 145 and 122 wagons and no dedicated winter car was a bit redundant. Even though I was determined to drive Sadie through the season after a thorough winterization (with the 145 as backup) it seemed like I needed to make a change. What could I do? I’ve had Sadie the 122 since 1997 so I could never sell her. And who would give me what the 145 is worth in the middle of winter? The answer was right before my eyes- trade the 145 to my friend Jesse for his hotrod  ’92 240 wagon and some cash.  

so long you handsome devil

 Jesse had lusted after the 145 for a while so it was an easy decision for him.   

Jim’s new whip

 Jesse put a ton of work in the 240:

  • 5-speed conversion
  • IPD exhaust
  • VX cam
  • Billie HDs all around
  • Front lowering springs
  • 780 Bertone v6 wheels with recent tires and a full set of Firestone Winterforce on steelies
  • New belts, T-belt & tensioner and front brakes
  • Recent head gasket (was leaking out the side)
  • Cloth interior with matching headrest pads and armrest
  • Power mirrors
  • Immuminated window switches from a 960
  • Big ’89 matte black tach
  • Clock and economy gauge
  • Blue cargo cover

All it needed was cosmetic TLC and a few odds and ends- polish, trim blackening, washer nozzles unplugged, and a bit of exhaust welding. I also chopped 1.5 coils off the stock rear springs to match the lowering springs out front because Jesse hadn’t gotten around to that yet.   
 This combo actually gives a great ride.    Minky and Ryan helped with the polishing. 

 And Minky and I tackled the blackening using Forever Black.  

   The yellowed headlights got a restoration and black eyebrows.  
 I’m very pleased to have a classy ride for the winter. But more importantly the 145 got a wonderful new home in Somerville. And with the cash I picked up a 69.5 Citroen DS21, but more on that in the next post.  


    • Jeff
    • February 2nd, 2016

    The new wagon looks great! Still on the fence about the Citroen. But it is kinda cool.

    • Jesse
    • February 10th, 2016

    Aye, it was a good trade!

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