The Minkanic is Back

When my son the Minkanic was two or three he used to come help me work on the old Volvos but since then he hasn’t shown much interest…until this past Saturday!

 All of a sudden he put on some work clothes and wanted to help so I let him pull the leaky tappet cover off Cuke’s B-16.


That job done (with a little help from dad), he was ready for more so he helped Tim install early style centercaps on 14″ 240 slotted rims.

      It’s cool that they actually fit. Not a bad look for the 164.

Sunday came and it was time for a new job- cleaning 50+ years of gunk from Cuke’s front suspension in preparation for new control arm bushings.

     He didn’t like this job quite as much but he did enjoy some time in the driver’s seat. Next week maybe we’ll paint a rocker cover for my 145 and adjust the valves.

/photos by Tim & Jim

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