Losing Face

When last we left our motley crew of 164s, they had made the big trip from rural CT to Wrentham, MA. While we had hoped the slightly higher compression B30 in Spitey might be in usable condition, it turned out that the straight-six in Bitey was the only one that spun easily.


Out came the tools and the torch, so we could more easily remove the power plant. As the front suspension crossmember is different from a 140/164 and a 240, we were all a little unfamiliar with the best way to extract it. Trial and error ensued, and before long, Bitey had lost its face.


Something’s not right here…


What else is connected down there that we can’t see? Oh yes, just that one bolt. And then that one crossmember. And then that heater hose…


Once we got the engine completely out, and back up at the garage, we pulled the valve cover off and saw this bit of unfortunate rust:


Nah, I’m sure that won’t be a problem…

Next up: removal of The Burg’s heart and making way for the transplant.


You look so sad, Bitey…


All photographs courtesy of Carrie Capizzano.

    • Jonas
    • September 9th, 2016

    Now that’s just porn to a corrosionist 😉 The B30 photo is up on the wall in the corrosion group at Volvo R&D in Gothenburg (I hope that’s fine for you). Love the blog!

    • Lovely! I’m glad to see that Volvo R&D is enjoying the photos of my B30, and the rest of the blog.

      Which photo are you referring to specifically?

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