A quick note on sway bar bushings

My ’92 240 is a great car. Hasn’t needed much work. A recent tranny service (seized dipstick tube, giant PITA) cleared up a funny shifting problem in the AW70. While I was under there replacing the PS rack boots recently I noticed how incredibly sad my sway bar bushings were:

Almost falling out

Almost falling out

I didn’t feel like springing for a whole IPD sway bar setup and I already had some new end links on the shelf so I just ordered the poly bushing kit for the stock 20mm bar.

2013-07-13 10.58.20

My end links already had poly bushings so now I have extras

A quick and easy job. And an incredible difference. I can’t overstate how much better the car feels, even around town. A nice fix for an old beast.

I also cleaned up a set of strut braces for it. I bought new ones for my GT because I couldn’t find the originals but they were buried in a box. A little TLC and they are back in action.

Before (top) and after (bottom)

Before (top) and after (bottom)

Prime and paint

Prime and paint

Now the shiniest thing in the engine bay

Now the shiniest thing in the engine bay. Maybe I should start to clean this up a little…




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