The Spirit of Granny II

Experts consulted, decisions made. Stock B20 all the way. Looking forward to my 118 hp @5800, 123 LB-ft of torque @3500, good fuel economy, and perfect drivability.

Excellent Volvo gurus that shall remain anonymous (unless they comment) gave me info on the mutant head. It’s a heavily ported B18 unit. My plan was to have hardened seats installed but the mutant’s valves are so close together that there is likely no room. That and experimenting with compression ratios and ill-advised thicker head gaskets isn’t really the direction I want to go in. So stock head it is- maybe with a little minor porting if affordable.

Mutant on top (seems smaller because it’s more distant). Valves are really crowded in there.

Here’s the porting on the mutant:

That looks like a fair amount of material removed.

Versus stock B20:

Still with locating ring in.

Now for the camshaft. The one in there has seen better days:

Has seen better days. Note pitted lobe tip on right.

I don’t think the lifters are supposed to look like this.

I considered an IPD Street Torque or Street Performance cam but that may have led to a slippery slope of heavier valve springs, more porting, and maybe a header (it already has a sport exhaust). I really like the way the stock B20 and B18 with the C grind run- so smooth and quiet- so I’m going with that. Cheap at ~$80. I had a D-Jet ’72 142 with a stock D grind and even that seemed chattery with .441 lift.

Readers bored enough to read previous posts might recall that the Granny motor got a steel timing gear set back when those were almost the same money as composite. Having that will save a few bucks:

And here’s a crappy picture of it.

Ok. Parts are ordered. Deves rings, Glyco rod bearings from Cam, lifters, and gaskets from IPD. Time to clean those ring lands! Oh, and find new head bolts.

  1. Were you going to rebuild your current head? There is one on ebay that looks fairly good, it may save you money.

    I am soon going to be swapping a B20 (2130cc) engine into my Amazon. I should be picking it up on Tuesday. Are the Deves rings better than Volvo OEM?

    • Jim
    • November 24th, 2012

    Yeah I’m having the B20 one redone. There are enough differences that keeping the original one is worthwhile. Here’s a great article on that:

    Congrats on the new motor. From what I’ve heard Deves are the best for overhauls. Not sure what the differences are but folks speak highly of them. And apparently they are Swedish:

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