GT Out and About

A nice day so off I went after shimming out the PS pump and fitting the air intake, complete with K & N air filter. The highway ride went well except that the OD relay isn’t doing its job. I’ll figure that out this week.


I put five gallons of premium a couple weeks ago but I wanted to top it off so we went for our first gas station run.

Filling up at Davol Square.

That GT has come a long way since it was sitting at Jake the Elder’s house for three years. After the dropping in of the shakedown motor last fall it was heading in the right direction, but now all the bother is paying off. It had been a little in the way since the elite pick-up team (my son the Minkanic and friend Jon) picked it up last June:


Hotrod 'burban owner and Volvo hauler Jon

Next up: reliability runs and bug fixes…

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