Some Progress

It’s a bit of a pain to do bodywork out in my unheated garage but with a little lead time I can get it up to about 50 using a small ceramic heater and a Kerosun. I’ve been able to make a fair amount of progress on the driver’s side.

It's good to have a floor again.

All in all I’ve done a lot less welding that I initially thought I would. The rot was so bad that I couldn’t even really cut it back far enough to provide an anchor consistently solid enough for welding. If I had I would have lost the form completely- and this isn’t really a restoration so I can’t justify endless time on fabrication. I ended up riveting in panels pre-coated with POR-15 and sealing everything with fiberglass-reinforced waterproof body filler. I then used POR-15 Chassis Black as a topcoat. While the repairs are nothing I’m proud of I do think they will last a long time.

From below- still need to do some work around the transmission tunnel.

Awaiting undercoating...

Hooray! No more water under my back seat!

Still need to fix and install the mud flap bracket but this is looking so much better. Saving the external finish bodywork for last.

    • Jim
    • December 23rd, 2010

    She’s all done now but I’ve been too lazy to post pics. I even installed brand-new rear seatbelts and changed over the front to reel-style. I also replaced the wiper motor/transmission assembly to fix crazy looseness. The wipers are perfect now and they even park!

  1. December 23rd, 2010

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